About Conscious Vegan


I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Suzie and Conscious Vegan is me: vegan of 15 years, chef, nutritional therapist and restaurant consultant, but first and foremost, mum of one lively, chatty three-year-old. Born and bred in London, with the cockney twang to prove it, I carry my African heritage with me always, and especially in my cooking.

Why food?

In my late twenties, I found myself becoming more and more disillusioned with allopathic medical approaches and decided to take matters into my own hands. I began educating myself in the power of food and nutrition in combatting health issues and went on to practice as a Naturopathic Nutritionist for over four years. Quite a u-turn from my previous work as an accountant! I’m now a Qualified Nutritional Therapist, because I found that once I began helping and educating others, it was impossible to stop.

Why Conscious Vegan?

With food and cooking being both my weakness and my strength for most of my adult life, it seemed high time that I began recording my recipes – if for no other reason than to save me the time of writing them out and sending them each time someone asked for them! So, in 2016, at the rockin’ age of 38, Conscious Vegan was born, giving me the opportunity to share my wealth of knowledge on all things vegan with others. Teaching, sharing, and empowering anyone embarking on, or already on, the life-changing journey that is conscious eating – whether they are vegan or not – is my passion and my aim is to make a real difference to the way people eat and think about food.

Finding the perfect niche

With hundreds of vegan food blogs out there, I wondered how Conscious Vegan would find its place. But the more I researched, the clearer it became that there is a place for me here, in this fun, foodie, online community – because vegan plus African and Caribbean just isn’t touched on very often. And that’s what Conscious Vegan is all about: tasty, healthy vegan cuisine with a twist.

This one-stop-shop for all things vegan is carefully designed to offer a mix of both taste and nutrition, because the chef and nutritional therapist in me won’t allow me to compromise on either. These are recipes that everyone can enjoy, herbivores and carnivores alike! No processed meat substitutes, but no missing out either. Just healthy vegan food, with a touch of roots.

Conscious Vegan is:

ALWAYS vegan

MOSTLY gluten-free

DEFINITELY free from refined sugar, GM, and all additives

OFTEN organic

USUALLY flavoured with a big pinch of roots

A few fun facts about me:

My favourite food is most definitely rice. Beans are pretty good (read: awesome) too, but give me rice any day and I’m happy.

I quit meat aged 12, after hearing a classmate tell a barn full of turkeys that he would ‘see them next Christmas.’ I gave up meat there and then!

I didn’t learn to cook until I went to university. A sink or swim situation meant I went through countless food disasters to get where I am now. Another u-turn!

Working at the popular London veggie restaurant, Gallery Café, where I was lucky enough to benefit from the inspiring talent of their vegan head chef, gave me endless insight into what other vegans and veggies love to eat.

My daughter, Lulu, is my world and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But Conscious Vegan gives me the chance to tap back into pre-motherhood Suzie, which I love.

I’ve given up on trying to use a potato peeler, a sharp knife does the trick. A weird thing to be bad at but, hey, I make it work.

My daughter, Lulu, takes after her mother and loves to cook and help me with my recipes…as if cooking isn’t interesting enough!

I’m obsessed with herbal medicine, because I truly believe that natural is the way forward when it comes to health and wellbeing.