PhD Protein Superfood Squeezy



Protein supplements – you either love them or loath them. With so many new vegan brands on the market, it’s hard to know where to start. I decided to give Phd Nutrition  Protein superfood squeezy a go.


What is PhD vegan protein supplement?

PHD Protein superfood squeezy is a protein and performance supplement designed to fuel your body intra and post workout. Whether that you weight train, run or bike this handy pocket-sized pouch makes it super easy to load up on 20g of plant protein without needing a shaker, milk or water. Just crack the lid and squeeze.


What does Protein Superfood Squeezy taste like?

This ultra creamy, desert-like protein supplement has a lovely balance of sweet and tartness from the mango and banana. It has a non-chalky, silky smooth texture and consistency that resembles thick yogurt – I actually enjoyed mine out of a bowl with a spoon. The sweeter of choice was stevia, a natural plant ingredient, which can sometimes have a distinctive saccharin taste, however, this product didn’t, which was great! The only downside was that the pea protein left an unpleasant aftertaste that lingered for a while. Having a quick drink did help to get rid of it. This after taste can be quite characteristic of pea protein and despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful!


Final verdict: 7/10

Great tasting vegan protein supplement with a good dose of essential amino acids required by the body post-workout. Easy and very convenient although the name is slightly misleading. Super is but I don’t see many “superfoods” included bar coconut. Shame about the aftertaste but I would still buy it again.

PhD Protein Superfood Squeezy is available from Tesco,  Wholefoods Market UK and Holland and Barrett other outlets RRP £2.50.