Tapped Birch Water – More Than Just Water


If you’re anything like me you’ve guzzled your fair share of coconut and it’s time to try something new. Enter tree water, more specifically, Birch water.

What is Birch water ?

Birch water, or birch sap, is a drink that is harvested directly from wild birch trees by tapping the trunks during the Spring. Although it’s a new concept there in the UK and US, tapping birch water to drink has been around for centuries and has been consumed in the Nordic countries, across Russia and into parts of Northern China for it’s believed health benefits.

What does Birch water taste like?

Tapped Birch water is light, refreshing and most definitely thirst quenching. But be warned, it tastes nothing like coconut water! It has its own unique mildly sweet taste that’s subtle, fresh, with woody undertones. It makes me feel like I’m drinking directly from nature and bursting with goodness.

Tapped, a British-based company, produces Birch water in 3 great flavours – natural, apple and root ginger, and, bilberry and Lingonberry. All equally as good although apple and ginger is my favourite.


Why should I drink Birch water?

  • Packed with electrolytes: it can help boost hydration.
  • Contains an array of amino acids: Amino acids are what protein is made from. Every amino acid adds to your daily protein intake.
  • A source of manganese: one of my top 3 skin minerals.
  • Natural source of antioxidants: may contribute to youthful skin and to keeping your body healthy.
  • Organic, not from concentrate and has no added sugar
  • Low in natural sugar: great for anyone who’s watching their sugar (carbohydrate)  intake.

How to use it and where to buy it?

Birch water is great drunk alone, would make awesome summer ice lollies or alternatively you could add it to smoothies for an extra hit of nutrients.

Tapped retails at £2.49 and can be purchased in Wholefoods, Planet Organic, Selfridges and Harrods.

Final verdict


I really like this product. It’s a perfect post-workout drink or thirst quencher on a hot sunny day, and its nutritional content is equally as impressive as its taste. Although it’s slightly more expensive than most brands of coconut water it’s still is not super exorbitant for an organic, nutritious beverage.

Will I repurchase? YES. Will it replace mineral water? NO, but it features high on my beverage list.